Bali Tour – A Tour to Surfing Beaches

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Uluwatu Surfing Beach

Bali Tour, Dream land Beach

Much has been written about this arid and rugged area, which forms the southwest most tipoff the island. Limestone cliffs of up to 100 meters in height provide some of the best views in the world, along with some deserted white sandy beaches. Bukit Ungasan is a paradise for the surfer around the world. Some surfing spots / surfing breaks are located on this area from the north to south such as Balangan Beach, Dream Land Beach, Bingin Imposible Beach, Padang-padang Beach / Labuhan Sait, Suluban Uluwatu Beach / Blue Point, Nyangnyang Beach, and Green Ball Beach. In this Bali Tour article I will describe all surfing beaches in the southwest coast of Bali.

Balangan Beach is one of surfing beach on the western side of Bukit Ungasan, just one km north of Dream Land, turn left at the crossroad on Jalan Uluwatu main road, about 30 minutes drive from Kuta heading to the south. Some facilities such as bungalows and restaurants are available here.La Joya, Flower Bud bungalow, Balangan sea view bungalow.

Dream Land Beach is located at Pecatu Graha area, on the main road of Uluwatu, see the fancy fence on right side with a big Garuda Wisnu (God Wisnu riding eagle) statue, enter the gate, come down hill heading to the beach, we will pass golf course, hotel and resorts of Pecatu Graha, about 15 minutes drive from the main road Jalan Uluwatu till arrive at parking and toll gate. Need to walk down 200 meters to reach the white sandy beach. Dream Land beach is surfing beach and great for sunbathing, numerous restaurant and warungs are available here. The fancy Klapa restaurant is Located here on the cliff of Dream Land Beach.

Bingin Beach and Impossible. Go head to the south from DreamLand’entrance following the main Uluwatu street till you get the road junction at Pecatu village, turn right come down hill, about 2 kms you will see the sign of Bingin Beach, 300 meters walk down to reach the beach. This beach nice for surfing an sunbathing, some warungs and bungalows are available here.

Padang Padang beach or Labuhan Sait Beach. This beautiful beach is several hundred meters south of Bingin Beach. As its neighboring beach, Padang Padang offers a refuge for surfers and great beach for relax and sunbathing. Even Oscar-winner Hollywood actress Julia Roberts has been here filming on her latest Hollywood project, “Eat, Pray, Love”. Yeah, gorgeous beach. To reach the beach, a quick 4 minutes down some steps, and through a narrow crack in the cliff.

Uluwatu beach or Suluban beach or Blue point beach. Located about one km south of Padang Padang beach and one half km north of the ancient Uluwatu Temple. Uluwatu beach is the most favorite place for the surfer, one day I saw more than 200 people on the sea. Walk down 250 meters to reach the beautiful white sandy beach, it’s good for your belly lol. The famous Blue Point Bay Villas & Spa Hotel is located here

Nyang Nyang Beach. Nyang Nyang Beach is known for its white sandy beach, facing the vast Indian Ocean and its perfect waves for surfing. It is located east of Uluwatu temple, just follow the main Uluwatu street, about 1.5 km from the temple you will see sign of Nyang Nyang on the right side, follow that narrow street, it will bring you to Nyag Nyang beach. This deserted surfing beach offers the complete privacy and satisfaction for Bali Tour or surfers.

Green Ball Beach. This beach is a bit separated from the other beaches, located south of Bali Cliff Ungasan, facing the vast Indian Ocean. From the parking area, one must walk down about 400 steps (I’ve never count) before reaching  the wide beach area. The sea water here is crystal clear and the large wave make it one of the nice place for surfing in Bali.

Beside famous for its surfing beaches, in Bukit Ungasan also lies numerous world class hotels such as Bvlgari, Versace, Bayan Tree,Blue Point and the latest ones are Karma Kandara / Karma Di Mare, the Rock Bar at Ayana Resort and Spa. Yeah these places are deserves to be visited during your Bali Tour, so please contact us to get some assistance, Have a nice holiday…