Bali Flyboard Price

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We are pleased to offer you a great invention in the field of water and extreme activities called Flyboard. This unique design was created in France, in 2012 and immediately gained a crazy popularity among all lovers of water activities all around the world include Bali.
Flyboard or Flying board consists of a board, special boots rigidly attached to the board and a flexible hose connected to the water jet of the jet ski through which a powerful water spray comes and sets this design in motion. Two nozzles located under the flyer’s feet manifest the flight mechanics foundation, and provide an opening for the output of water flow make the rider to fly up to 15 m in the air or to dive headlong through the water down to 2.5 m.
How to play? It is much easier to learn to fly with the flyboard, than it may seem at first glance. The main thing is to follow the instructions of our professional guide and not to be afraid. All movements during the flight are carried out at an intuitive level, as during the walk. Neither physical form nor special skills are required. Natural equilibrioception and natural movement coordination are all the beginner needs. Height, weight and age are not the determining factors for this activity. Don’t worry you will make it, our instructor will be kindly support you, get wet and be amazed…


Light Lunch, Safety Vests, Insurance and transport

Package 1: FlyBoard + Snorkeling + Glass Bottom Boat + Visit Turtle Island.
Only US$ 90/person

Package 2: FlyBoard + Ski Tube/Rolling Donut + Jet Ski + Banana Boat.
Only US$ 95/person

Package 3: FlyBoard + Ski Tube/Rolling Donut + Snorkeling + Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island.
Only US$ 100/person

Package 4: FlyBoard + Flying Fish + Ski Tube/Rolling Donut + Jet Ski + Banana Boat.
Only US$ 110/person

Package 5: FlyBoard + Ski Tube/Rolling Donut + Jet Ski + Banana Boat + Glass Bottom Boat+ Turtle Island.
Only US$ 110/person

Package 6: FlyBoard + Ski Tube/Rolling Donut + 1 X Dive + Snorkeling + Banana Boat + Turtle Island.
Only US$ 120/person



FlyBoard and Sea Walker US$ 100

Flyboard and Parasailing Adventure tandem US$ 95

Flyboard and Atv Ride US$ 120

FlyBoard, Uluwatu Temple Kecak Dance and Jimbaran Bay Dinner US$ 100

FlyBoard and 2 hours Spa Treatment US$ 105

FlyBoard + 2 hours SPA Treatment + Jimbaran Bay Dinner, US$ 125

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Parasailing Adventure, Tandem: US$ 35

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