Canggu And Pererenan Beach

Canggu Beach

Canggu / Echo beach and Pererenan beach are surfing spots in Bali. Until recently, perceived as something of a hippy hideaway, the attraction popularity of Canggu and Pererenan beach have caught the notice of both mainstream buyers and investors alike. As prices in the trendy Seminyak area continue to shoot sky high, a large number of buyers are now option for the more sedate pace of ‘expat” country lifestyle living.

The area not only offer all the first class amenities you would expect like an international school, world class championship golf course and extremely well healed members only country club, but also boasts bar, restaurants and beautiful beaches good for surfing that we have come to adore here on “the island of God”.

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Sanur Beach

Sanur Beach sun rise

Sanur Beach Bali is one of tourism destination in Denpasar. The attraction of this area is the beauty of its white sandy beach, sunrise, panoramic view from the beach and the unique socio-cultural life of local communities.
Sanur Beach is a historic beach because this beach is the place where the landing of the Dutch royal army when the Dutch attacked the territory of Badung during the colonial era.
Sanur beach was first introduced by an artist from Belgium named AJ Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Polok who settled in Sanur since 1937. With the establishment of the Bali Beach Hotel (now The Inna Grand Bali Beach) in 1963, the number of visitors to Sanur increasing, this hotel is the first hotel built in Bali.  Until now this area is still one of the major tourist destinations in the city of Denpasar

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Bali Tour – A Tour to Surfing Beaches

Uluwatu Surfing Beach

Bali Tour, Dream land Beach

Much has been written about this arid and rugged area, which forms the southwest most tipoff the island. Limestone cliffs of up to 100 meters in height provide some of the best views in the world, along with some deserted white sandy beaches. Bukit Ungasan is a paradise for the surfer around the world. Some surfing spots / surfing breaks are located on this area from the north to south such as Balangan Beach, Dream Land Beach, Bingin Imposible Beach, Padang-padang Beach / Labuhan Sait, Suluban Uluwatu Beach / Blue Point, Nyangnyang Beach, and Green Ball Beach. In this Bali Tour article I will describe all surfing beaches in the southwest coast of Bali.

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