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The ATV quad biking was bloody fantastic!
The staff were entertaining. Honestly it was the most memorable experience of our trip and my friends and I all said we would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Hayley C

. Fantastic experience, very responsive to booking messages, picked up on time as planned.
Price for ATV quad bike tour was exceptional compared to others and I can only say there were no corners cut so well worth booking through Gorgeous Bali Tours.

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Highly recommend all great people
Fun, Fun, Fun, Book ATV and Rafting plus lunch. The lunch was amazing and great portion size! Also the ATV was fun and so was the rafting. The guides were amazing!!!

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I surprised my partner with an ATV adventure and he was positively surprised. We just loved it. It was a great mixture of fun, excitement and an adrenaline kick and still safety, ease and a good balance. We went through water, dirt roads, jumped over bumps and we were even allowed to go crazy on two wheels. Just fun! Kerstin Airbnb

Nathan Airbnb

Amazing!!! Best ATV experience of my life

Awesome! Great trail, great staff. I would definitely come back. Posted by Tracy McKenzie, Sunday, February 23, 2020. Facebook

Water Rafting then Quad Biking.

I would just like to say a HUGE THANK YOU – TIRAMA KASIH to all the staff, workers, cleaners, cooks, guides, the local villagers and everyone involved in this combo package I experienced.
I was with my Daughter, my Cousin and her Husband and we all had a great time.
Starting with our Driver, I can’t remember his name so I apologize for that, but he was friendly and helpful and took good care of our bags, thank you.

The White Water Rafting was amazing our guide Mari (sorry if I haven’t spelt it correct) just made it that extra special, the locals along the riverbank selling drinks was just incredible, thank you.

The place where we had lunch in the little township above the river was fantastic, could you please pass on our thanks to all the cooks & cleaners & everyone involved and thank them for making us feel welcomed, this place beats any flash restaurant in the city, in my eyes, thank you.

And last but not least the Quad Biking Experience…….WOW.

After our lunch at the little township, we drove on to the Quad Biking which I’m sure is in Payangan. BUT on the way it started to pour down with rain. When we reached the ATV Quad Biking place, the rain was so heavy that you had to yell to be heard lolllll I paid our money (our group of 4) at the desk and our group waited in the restaurant area where the lovely ladies bought us out hot coffee, and it was the best coffee I have ever tasted. As we were sitting there waiting for our guides, I was feeling a bit unsure of whether our group should do the Quad Biking because the rain was so heavy, there was thunder and lightning and it just seemed dangerous. Anyway when the guide bought us over our jackets I asked him if it was safe, he just looked at me as if to say ‘Of Course It’s Safe’ lolllll I didn’t question him and said to our group lets do it.

When we got started and headed off, we had to go round a tester track to make sure everyone was okay with the bikes. My daughter just enjoyed it the moment she got on the bike, the rain didn’t bother her at all. In fact she said it made it more fun

It was at that stage that the guide asked if I would mind ‘Doubling’ because a bike broke down and one of the other riders ended up riding his bike, I didn’t mind at all.

I have never had the feeling of being so free in my whole life. I trusted my guide whole heartedly, I just held on to him and enjoyed the beautiful sights, sounds and smells.

We never talked much throughout the whole ride, I never asked his name and he never asked mine. But if you could PLEASE let him know that I wanted to come and say thank you to him personally before I left but I was too shy.

PLEASE let him know that when I left that evening, I felt that half of me stayed there in Payangan with him.


Joanne George (I am a New Zealander/Maori living in Brisbane) TripAdvisor