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Pagerwesi Ceremony The Way of Balinese People To Be Wise

Some of my customers asked me; how often do the Balinese people perform ritual ceremony? Easily I answered we do it every day, we have ceremony for full moon, black moon, Nyepi or Day of Silence,  Galungan and Kuningan, Saraswati day, Pagerwesi, ceremony for animal called Tumpek Kandang, ceremony for technology products which are made from iron and other metals called Tumpek Landep, ceremony devoted to God as Lord of all food-plants and vegetation called Tumpek Pengatag or Tumpek Bubuh (more…)

Saraswati Day a ceremony devoted to God in its manifestation as God of Knowledge

When I was a kid my mother sang Balinese song to me before I go to sleep, the lyrics were something like this; sking tuhu manah guru mituturin cening jani, kaweruan luwir senjata, ne dadi prabotang sai, keanggen ngeruruh mertha, se enun ceninge urip.  Means as follows: sincerely tell you now, knowledge is a tool that you can use it every day to earn income in your lifetime. This article will remind us how the Balinese respect knowledge by celebrating Saraswati Day.
Saraswati is God’s manifestation of knowledge and wisdom. (more…)