Gitgit Highest Waterfall

Gitgit Waterfall

This Waterfall located in the Gitgit Village, District of Sukasada. From the Singaraja city located 11 km to the south toward the Village Pancasari and Bedugul, and about 70km to the north from Denpasar. With ± 50 meters  high, has a beautiful panoramic view and in the cool air environment. Walk down passing the parking place of Gitgit, some local youths who were organized by a local custom village to offer services to take the tourists to tour this beautiful waterfall. Besides the crashing sound of the waterfall and chirping birds, clove and coffee plantations, “as well bamboo plants along the road to the waterfall, a peaceful and natural atmosphere. How many Waterfall  you have visited during your tour to Gitgit Village area? As long as we know,  

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