Bukit Buluh or Bamboo Hill Trekking Site

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Located at the village of Wisma Kerta, Sidemen, Karangasem, Bali.

Go 2km north on Jalan Besakih from Klungkung, turn right at Selat Village (cemetery/kuburan Selat), pass Apet Village, Telaga Waja River bridge, Tangkup, Tabu, Sangkungan (Telaga Waja Rafting finish point) turn right at Sangkangunung, pass Pura Bukit Tegeh, Pitak, Banga banga natural holy water spring. If lost ask the local.

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How far from Airport
It takes you about 2.5 hours drive from Denpasar Airport to Bukit Buluh / Bamboo Hill

Places nearby:
Sangkangunung (trekking start point, recommended), Bukit Tegeh Temple (the highest site), Subak Tabola, Klungah, Wangsean (trekking finish point, recommended), Tangkup.

The nearest food:
Decent meal available at Subak Tabola Sidemen and Klungkung but you will find a lot local shop / warung at Sangkangunung, Bukit Buluh and Wangsean.

Trekking Route Recommended:
Arrive at Sangkangunung (tell your driver to wait you at finish point, Wangsean, start by hiking 300m high Bukit Tegeh Temple, you will see a half of Bali island from here, go down to Pitak, refresh your face at Banga banga natural water spring even you can drink the water, visit another temple called Pura Cemara, get a close conversation with the local at Bukit Buluh, if you lucky they will offer you fresh young coconut fruits, go down to Wangsean, a village surrounded by rice field (trekking finished).

Note: this site is pure natural village hidden from Tourist, there is no any trekking company or others. If you interest to trek here please contact Tom.