Terunyan Village and Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

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terunyan village

Thise village lies at the edge of Lake Batur or at the west-foot of Abang Hill of Kintamani. Villagers are natives of Bali called “Bali Aga” people. This village with unique tradition can be reached by boat from Kedisan Village, by crossing Lake Batur for some 30 minutes.
The name of Terunyan was derived from the word “Taru” and “Menyan”, fragnant trees growing in the village. Local people deem the trees highly important. Corpses of dead people are just laid down openly on the graveyard under the trees covered with white fabrics and cover only with bamboo called “Ancak Saji”, but the faces of the dead are left open. This kind of funeral is known as “Mapasah”.

Toya Bungkah Hot Spring

This Village is situated at the west bank of Lake Batur, 11 kms from Penelokan, Kintamani District. This place is so refreshing and perfect for fishing and swimming. There is a hot spring which the water comes from the doot of Mount Batur. Local people believe that the water can cure all kinds of skin diseases. This place has been recognized since 1930, especially by foreign scientists (anthropologists). Tourist facilities can be found here are among others, inn, hotels and restaurants and a hall to perform traditional dance and modern as well.

These tourism destinations are really deserves to be visited, do not forget to ask your guide to visit this place, when you have a holiday in Bali. Please join our gorgeous Hot Spring, Batur Lake and Terunyan Tour have a nice trip..

Video by Hans & Fifi