Telaga Waja White Water Rafting

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Telaga waja rafting

Considered holy river by the local people, located in a perfect spot, flowing 12 km continuously through one of the island’s most spectacular rural sceneries. With river catagories class III to IV, no doubt that Telaga Waja will offers you a Real Adventure which means excitement that you had never imagined during your stay in Bali. Others advantages that you can get only from Bali Telaga Waja rafting are 5 minutes rice paddy walking from the starting point to the river and the short and easy access to the finish point.enjoy it.

Welcome to Telaga Waja which bring you to an amazing and memorable adventure. Rafting with full of fun and chummy atmosphere in Telega Waja River and completed with full of challenging rapids is really fantastic experience. Tracing the river with its wild and original nature can make ourselves as if we are in the real jungle of paradise. The spring-fed Telaga Waja river flows down through wild tropical jungle, passes towering trees and vines can create a thrilling beginner class rafting course. The water is extremely clear and flows around numerous hairpin curves along the 14 km course.

Telaga Waja Rafting is a leading rafting company to operate the water adventure at Telaga Waja River. Bali rafting, The Spring – fed Telaga Waja River flows down through wild tropical jungle, passes towering trees and vines, creating a thrilling beginner level rafting course. You will have fantastic time rafting on the long and windy Telaga Waja River. It is unforgettable experience on the Bali Rafting Adventure as you pass through some of the most beautiful countryside in BALI.
It could be off under a waterfall halfway through, surrounded by lush Balinese Jungle. With Bali International Rafting guide you will have unforgettable experience and wonderful memory to bring home as a souvenir of mind from the island of paradise BALI. We are delighted to serve your requirement of the Bali Rafting Adventure and don’t miss it. It is a pity if you spend your holiday in Bali without having the experience of Bali rafting……Read More

Ayung River Rafting

Enjoy excitement and unforgettable trip in the spectacular Ayung River. Supplied with high standard of equipments and professional rafting guide will show you nature, stunning jungle, scenery, rice terrace. After a two hours have a great fun trip, will serve you lunch before dropping back to hotel.
An impressive experience trace the Ayung River will be started from your pick up schedule at the hotel resident and drop to start point to get the short training from well trained and experience guide. Movement raw the safe and high quality rubber boat and also led by professional guide which have experienced to pass the attractive and challenge rapids with full of fun. Your journey above water river, take a bath in natural waterfall and also view Bali nature which still be wild represent the amazing experience which is not fallen into oblivion. Your adventure in the water will end at the finish point and enjoy the buffet lunch at the same time enjoy the nature of Ubud. Taking shower and change clothes will be reserved to refresh your body. The comfortable transportation which have been provided will bring you return to hotel with fully memory. Enjoy the white water rafting adventure at Ayung River with Ayung River rafting is correct choice for the adventure in river water. With the complete facilities and also supported by the staff which professional and skilled in this classic adventure tour hence adventure dream in Bali will be existed…….Read More