Taman Ayun Temple

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Taman Ayun Temple

About Taman Ayun Temple:

It is a great Balinese Hindu temple located in the village of Mengwi, Mengwi sub district, Badung regency, north of Denpasar. Taman Ayun Temple was built in 1634, containing both the Royal family ancestral shrines and some storied Meru Shrines devoted to the God, surrounded by ponds with wide beautiful landscape garden in front courtyard to welcome all visitors who come and visit this temple. It is a beautiful place to visit on your vacation in Bali.

Taman Ayun Temple complex;

Consists of three ground areas. In the outermost court is Bale Wantilan which is used for all events, religious ceremonies, dance performances or cock fighting. At the west, there is a decorative fountain called Padma Sana. In the innermost court, surrounded by a small pond, there are 29 buildings which function as places for the gods and king’s temple shrine, Bale Pelik with beautiful carvings, interesting relics and statues of the God in all its manifestations. The whole complex of temple symbolizes the great Mandhara Mountain.

Taman Ayun Temple Location;

It is strategically located beside of major roadway between Denpasar to Bedugul and Singaraja, Coordinates  8°32’33″S   115°10’20″E . 10 km southwest of Ubud and 17 km northwest of Denpasar, 21 km north of Kuta, 26 km north of Nusa Dua.

What to see at Taman Ayun Temple;

Huge fish pond, I saw some local people were fishing when I was there. Beautiful wide green garden with any kind of lovely flowers, seems to be good for pre wedding photography. Many shrines or Meru made of bricks, which has archeological value. Temple ceremony very 210 days on Tuesday Kliwon Medangsia precisely,the whole Mengwi community,incuding the people nearest village, celebrates  piodalan for several days worshiping the Lord with all its manifestations at Taman Ayun Temple.

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