Bali Flyboard Price

We are pleased to offer you a great invention in the field of water and extreme activities called Flyboard. This unique design was created in France, in 2012 and immediately gained a crazy popularity among all lovers of water activities all around the world include Bali.
Flyboard or Flying board consists of a board, special boots rigidly attached to the board and a flexible hose connected to the water jet of the jet ski through

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Bali Underwater Scooter

no more available

Get wet and be amazed with us by enjoying Underwater Scooter adventure, explore the natural of beauty Bali’s sea world, feeding hundreds colored fishes, discover coral reef, marine flora and fauna.

The Underwater Scooter or Sea Scooter is easy to drive, with a steering wheel, two accelerator pedals and a single button to control the depth level. You only need to press the button to dive or to go up to the sea surface, as easy as that. The air inside the cabin is permanently regenerated, and there is also a backup air system to guarantee your maximum safety. No worry, before going on the adventure

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