Bali Bird Park Tour Packages

bird park 1 gorgeous baliA beautiful journey along the scenic road through Batubulan to Singapadu arrive at Bali Bird Park, where birds and people meet. Experience 1000 birds, 250 different species in 2 hectare Balinese landscape divided into seven regions that recreate the natural habitats of the birds, complete with indigenous plant life.
Travel from the deep misty jungle of Sumatra to Far East Indonesia and Papua to discover the native birds from these remote regions.

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Explore The Komodo Dragon Island From Bali in Two Days

We offer a great tour package from Bali to Komodo Dragon National Park, hunting Komodo by camera, having a walk along the beauty of Pink Beach, explore the wonder Rinca and Kalong island. Come with us and enjoy the amazing adventure you will never forget.

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