Seribatu Village

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Seribatu Village, Bali coffee plantation

Welcome to the Seribatu Village, this place is situated strategically in Gianyar regency on the way between Ubud and Kintamani  Batur Mountain, geographically in coordinates 8° 22′ 0″ South, 115° 21′ 0″ East, lying on the plateau about 1350 m above sea level with temperature in average 28 c. Seribatu is a farming village, but the local farmer do not plant rice like most other areas. But tourists can see many other kind of tropical plants which become export comodity. Coffee, cocoa, clove, vanilla, cinnamon, passion fruit are some of the plants growing well at Seribatu. Visitors are invited to try the sample of Bali coffee, or Bali chocolate. Bali coffee is known to behave a strong taste and powerful Caffeine. This coffee is a blend of arabica and robusta coffee.In old days, arabica is grown a lot in Bali. But nowadays robusta coffee is grown more because it is chepae, produce more coffee and easier to process. Robusta coffee is more popular in Bali, while in the e3stern hemisphere, arabica is more popular. Bali coffee can be a great presents for your friends or family, and when you coming to Bali try it at Seribatu Village. You can find many kinds of Bali coffee, even Luwak coffee offered here at Seribatu Village. Luwak Coffee / Kopi Luwak are robusta or arabica coffee beans which have been eaten by and passed through the digestive tract of the Indonesian Civet (family of Viverridae).  You will have free coffee tasting, (when I was there I love the ginger coffee) and witness the traditional coffee roasting process with firewood, oh the smell is amazing..

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