Sanur Beach

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Sanur Beach sun rise

Sanur Beach Bali is one of tourism destination in Denpasar. The attraction of this area is the beauty of its white sandy beach, sunrise, panoramic view from the beach and the unique socio-cultural life of local communities.
Sanur Beach is a historic beach because this beach is the place where the landing of the Dutch royal army when the Dutch attacked the territory of Badung during the colonial era.
Sanur beach was first introduced by an artist from Belgium named AJ Le Mayeur and his wife Ni Polok who settled in Sanur since 1937. With the establishment of the Bali Beach Hotel (now The Inna Grand Bali Beach) in 1963, the number of visitors to Sanur increasing, this hotel is the first hotel built in Bali.  Until now this area is still one of the major tourist destinations in the city of Denpasar.
In an effort to increase the attractiveness of tourism in Sanur, since 2006, the community held the Sanur Village Festival. Sanur Village Festival is an annually event initiated by the community of Sanur, and Sanur Development Foundation (YPS) supported by the Government of Denpasar.

The peaceful fishing village of Sanur, has recently seen a massive modernization and facelift with millions of dollars poured into hotel renovations together with a spectacular conservation and landscaping project that replenished the beach and safeguarded the coral. As a result, the calm and shallow lagoon is increasingly conducive to an entire range of marine sports and beachside activities. On any given day you can see people fishing, snorkeling, sailing, surfing, or simply wading towards the reef searching for colorful shells and playful tropical fish. Colorful boat outriggers dot the horizon and the scene is perfectly idyllic all year round.

Characterized by its unique charm and unhurried pace, Sanur has long been a popular destination for guests seeking a stylish, laid-back beachside getaway. Visitors and meeting participants delight in the romantic beachfront – a picturesque, unbroken seaside promenade that stretches the length of ocean-front hotels, luxury villas and exuberant gardens, affording a pleasant stroll in the cool early mornings and late afternoons.

Famed for its legendary sorcery and magic and home to Bali’s oldest archaeological monument – the AD 911 Belanjong Pillar – Sanur still retains a decidedly village atmosphere, in spite of tourist development. The community, focused around important priestly Brahmin homes, is constantly busy with ceremonies and celebrations featuring unique performing art-forms and processions found nowhere else on the island which highlight the calendar all year round.

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