Purification Ritual at Tirta Empul Temple

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Tirta Empul a stunning Hindu temple located in Tampak Siring north of Ubud on the way to Kintamani. Founded in 926 AD and dedicated to Wisnu Tirta Empul temple famous for Melukat purification rituals. Entering the inner courtyard, which is the main area of the temple, the holy springs here bubble up into a large, crystal-clear pool within the temple and gush out through 30 waterspouts into the two sacred purification pools. Local Balinese and Hindu worshippers stand in long lines in the pools waiting to dip their heads under the water spouts. Bathers start in the pool on the left side standing in the pool to the waist under the first water spout. Once they have cleansed themselves under the first spout they join the next queue. This process is continued until they have cleansed themselves under each waterspout. However, there are two spouts that are meant only for cleansing the dead and are for prohibited to be used by the living for the Melukat ritual.

Additional Information:

How to get there, 30 minutes drive to north from Ubud, 1.45 hours drive from Kuta
Opening hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm every day.
Entrance fee is IDR 50K for an adult and IDR 25K for a child, sarong included.
Takes at least 30 minutes to an hour to explore all site ( without purification ritual )
Menstruating women are not allowed in the temple and participate in the holy bathing/purification ritual.
For those who want to do purification ritual; recommended to get local guide, he will arrange offerings etc,
Please bring a towel, extra sarong, flip flops and hair bands for the ritual, lockers are provided.
Wear clothing that covers your shoulders and knees, NO BIKINI.

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