Padangbai and Blue Lagoon Beach Bali

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There are many beaches in Bali but that beach is usually filled with visitors. Blue Lagoon beach Bali is a beach that is still quiet and natural. Not many tourists know about this existing beach on the costal side in east part of Bali. Is about 30 minutes drive to the west from Candidasa Beach, close, eastern side of Padangbai harbor. Blue Lagoon beach is known as an underwater paradise, the water is warm and the marine life is abundant. You may well see clouds of ultraviolet fish daubed with splashes of luminous orange, followed by shoals of black fish with tails shaped like the head of a spanner, you might even see a fish in a leopard-print coat, and if you look carefully, you will notice cleverly camouflaged creatures hiding in the reef crevices. The coastline borders a coral garden where you can snorkel among psychedelic fish. It is a very picturesque beach, with semi-circular hills surrounding a sparkling blue bay, some of our customers stayed four hours here to enjoy the beauty of Blue Lagoon beach, amazing.  Blue Lagoon Beach is also places to a famous temple, Pura Silayukti, where Mpu Kuturan (Hindu priest during the Majapahit Kingdom period) lived here and built this temple in the 11th century.

Padangbai Harbor

Padangbai is a harbor where small and big ships drop their anchors. This area develops as a tourist object for some attractions it has, such as white sand, the beautiful surroundings and the amazing underwater panorama. Besides, the daily life of the traditional fishermen and the busy crowd in the harbor becomes another plus point of this area.
The location of Padangbai is in a rural and isolated bay named Padang, which has been used as a harbour since years ago. The name of Padangbai was taken from this bay and by the influence of the Dutch language, the frase Padang Bay turned into Padangbai. As a tourism destination, Padangbai is well equipped by food stalls, restaurants, hotels and other facilities needed by visitors, please enjoy it..


Blue Lagoon beach and Padangbai Harbor is located at Padangbai village, Manggis district, about 53 km from Amlapura, 75 km (1.50 hours drive) from Denpasar Airport, please contact us to visit these gorgeous Blue Lagoon and Padangbai beach during your holiday in Bali, have a nice holiday…