Monkey Forest Ubud

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Monkey Forest, Ubud (Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary) is a small rain forest dwelt by some group of monkeys and other tropical animals. It is strategically located in the hearth of Ubud Village, precisely located in the region of Padang Tegal Village, Ubud Sub district and Gianyar Regency, at coordinates 8° 30′ 50″ S, 115° 15′ 50″ E. Monkey Forests in Balinese language called Wanara Wana (wanara=monkey, wana=forest) have been known by the people in the island and Ubud Monkey Forest itself own very important function of the continuity the monkey habitat in Bali. Meanwhile the local community own important role to keep this forest naturally in order to all wild animals able to live smoothly.

Monkey Forest, Ubud is dwelt by 300 monkeys, pertained to long tail inclusive macaques or macaca fascicularis group which owns the wide disseminating area. Among the amount monkeys living in this forest, there are 35 adult male, 95 adult female and 170 young. All the monkeys in this forest consisted of three groups, dwell certain area and use the certain place and certain time. However, it also happened that entire group can use the forest and whenever two groups are in the same place and time, they will fight each other. These monkeys are believed as Guard of Hindu Temples in the middle of forest. There are three Holy Temples in this monkey forest and those are existing surround the forest and it is estimated built in the middle of 14 century, during Pejeng Dynasty or early Gelgel Dynasty.

  • Dalem Agung Temple is located in northwest portion of the main forest area. This temple is the most prominent in the Monkey Forest.
  • To the northwest, down a long flight of steps and next to the stream, you will find the Holy Bathing Temple with a structure of Three Mandala (three part of yard). The Utama Mandala (1st yard), in the most northern position is the area of the God. The Madya Mandala (2nd yard), for disciples of deities is located at the centre and contains the holy pool. The Nista Mandala (3rd yard) at southern bridge is the special bathing place for human beings.
  • Pura Prajapati Temple (funeral or cremation temple), place of God Siwa is located on the eastern edge of the main forest, alongside a graveyard.

Monkey Forest, Ubud as Research and Conservation; The Sacred Monkey Forest serves not only as an important component in the spiritual and daily lives of the village, but is the site of several research and conservation programs. The maintenance and management of special place like this pull the attention of researcher from all over the world. Especially the interactions between human beings and the monkeys of this sacred place are subject to surveys and research studies.

What to do at Monkey Forest? While enjoying this sanctuary, please beware with your belonging glasses, earrings, necklace, etc because the monkeys sometime take your belonging. For the parents, please look after your children and guide them through this sanctuary. And other important thing, don’t forget to buy ticket before entering the monkey forest. lol .

How to Locate Ubud Monkey Forest? It is very easy to find this place since it is located in the hearth of Ubud Village and it is just about 1.30 hours drive from Denpasar Town. This monkey forest is close to other places of interest in Ubud such as Ubud Palace, Ubud Art Market, Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Elephant cave. So don’t miss it during your holiday in Bali, please contact us or you may join our Gorgeous Bali Tour; Bali Safari & Marine Park, and Ubud Tour, Waterfall, Volcano, Ubud Tour, Ubud and Jimbaran Bay TourUbud and shopping TourBali Rafting and Ubud Tour, have a nice holiday…..