Kutuh Beach (Hidden Beach)

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Kutuh Beach

Text, Images and First Video by Aryadi Setiawan

This beach is popular among the TV Commercial Ads Maker, Movie Maker or Photographer because this coastal location has many variations to make some films or photographs. This area has a cliff, grassland, white sand beaches, etc.

Located in the coordinates 8 ° 50′42 “S 115 ° 11′8″ E, this beach has small enough grain of white sand (for comparison, sanur beach behind the Grand Bali Beach Hotel has a very large grain of sand and Dreamland beach has a small grain of sand).

Why called hidden beach? Because this beach is hidden from the crowds, and in fact I do not know what is the real beach name, LOL. Once upon a time I asked the people around, and they said the beach is the “Pantai Bukit” or “Hill Beach”

if you are Interest to go to this place, please contact us because there is no certain way to get to this place.  Until now I never pay a fee to shoot there, but one of my friends had blackmailed by one of the thugs there. The incident was rare, and even so we must remain vigilant.


– An uncertain existence of stall*

– Parking anywhere, paid your own security

– No electricity

– Asphalt road to the beach sand lips

– Its Free. Free parking, you can drink seawater if you want for free..

– The beach is pretty quiet

– There is no limit of time, please enjoy the time as long as you can on the beach

You Can Find:

– White Sand (of course)

– Starfish various sizes, from newly born to the already large

– Crabs, birds, and rare sea animals we rarely on the mainland

– Seaweed (try cleaning with fresh water and eat immediately, it was sweet. I’ve ever tried it

– The Cliff is very impressive

– Monkey

– A dog corpse (Samantha has its picture)

– Cactus

– Human Interest Scene (in the early evening or before sunset, some residents will return to their homes over the cliff. Sometimes they bring some kind like a few pieces of wood, food, carrying seafood, etc.)

– If wind conditions are good, then you can see some people who were playing para gliding up there

– Sometimes we can see the sunrise or sunset depend on the inclination of the sun.

Do’s and Don’ts:

– Always remember to bring water, sun block, and bring snacks to offer to the “Otherworld Guardian”

– If you are a woman who is experiencing period, please do not go here

– Do whatever you like there, but do not disturb the calmness of the people there, pollute nature, or take something from that place.

– …….. (Will be updated)


This location has been used several commercial TV ads:

If we look from the coast to the northwest then we will see a villa. That villa is location of the TV Commercial Ads of the UC 1000 Dayana Mendoza, Miss Universe 2008 Version:

Thanks for reading, please check our tour packages to visit this gorgeous beach. I Love You Full