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A short drive on the bypass north brings you to Klung Kung  and another world where things Balinese still rule. This bustling market is a colourful storehouse. Apart from the fresh vegetables and meat sections, the market is one of the best places to shop for textiles, hand made tools and knives, and coconut fibre twine beautifully presented in a rustic sort of way.

It is the place for religious paraphernalia, for icons, for little figurines of Dewi Sri, strange things with coins, temple umbrellas and other things that you really need a guide to explain to you. Everything from motorbike helmets to ceremonial display tables are decorated with Kamasen style paintings – the distinctive traditional style of Klung Kung.

Around five pm the market closes down and suddenly the hustle and bustle is gone leaving  afternoon sun and shadows and the odd straggler readying themselves to go home.

Take a walk take a look, it is a great half day out. Stop  by on your way to the east coast and don’t let your guide tell you otherwise. Join our gorgeous  Besakih Temple and Kusamba Traditional Salt Production Tour  or Elephant Cave and Tenganan Traditional Village Tour have a nice trip..

Text and photos by Jill Alexander,.

Thanks for reading, luv < Tom >