Kecak Dance

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Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

It was yesterday when I drove a couple of Russian to Uluwatu Temple, they interested to watch the famous Kecak Dance and enjoying the sunset.  We started bit late from Mandira Hotel at 16.40, trafic at Sunset Road heading to Dewa Ruci statue was busy, so annoying. Luckily we got to the Uluwatu temple on time before sunset. We paid the entrance fee,and dressed up Balinese sarong,we got there for free, (you look like Balinese Sir, I joked)

Kecak Dance in brief;

Kecak was originally a trance ritual accompanied by male chorus, performed by a circle of 100 or more performers wearing checked cloth around their waists, percussively chanting “cak,cak,cak”  throwing their arms up and a German musician Walter Spies and I Wayan Limbak recreated it into a dance and drama based on the Hindu epic Ramayana.

In general, the Kecak Dance ‘s plots are as follows;

Action 1, Rama, Sita, Laksamana and Deer (kijang)

Wandering in the forest of Dandaka during the exile of Rama. Sita sees a beautiful deer dancing in front of her, she pleads with her husband to catch it for her. Rama fearful of what may befall Sita if if left alone in the dangerous forest, leaves Sita in the protection of his brother Laksamana. Shortly after Rama’s departure a cry for help echoes around the forest. Fearful for her husband safety Sita send Laksamana to his aid leaving herself unprotected and alone.

Action 2, Sita, Rahwana, Bhagawan and Garuda.
A sudden storm envelops the forest and Sita become fearful. Rahwana appears , but she is protected by a magic circle and his attempt to seize fails. He disappear only to come back disguised as a poor old man (Bhagawan) seeking shelter and water. Sita fall for Rahwana’s trick and he kidnaps her. Taking Sita to his place Alengka Pura. Rahwana is attacked along the way by his mortal enemy Garuda, long enough to tell Rama what has happened to Sita.

Action 3, Rama, Laksamana, Hanoman and Sugriwa.

On his search for Sita, Rama meets Sugriwa the king of monkey whose will help Rama to find his wife. They select a scout to locate Sita. Hanoman a white monkey with his magical power is chosen, and Rama provides him with a ring to give to Sita as a token of his love and as a proof of Hanoman being his envoy.

Action 4, Sita, Trijata,Hanoman and The Giants.

Hanoman locates Alengka Pura and enlist the help of Trijata to meet Sita who is about to take her own life despair. Hanoman shows Sita the Ring and tells of her husband impending rescue attempt. Hanoman then attempts to destroy part of palace and is caught by giants who attempt to burn him till death. He escapes causing much mayhem throughout the city.

Action 5. The final battle

Rama is guided to Alengka Pura where the monkeys army defeats the army of giant Rahwana, Rama meet Rahwana face to face battle and defeats him, Rama then reunites with Sita.

Note, The Kecak Dance start at 6.00 pm until 07.00 pm every day,  Ticket; IDR 100.000
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