Gunung Kawi Temple at Sebatu

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At Sebatu there is a temple named Gunung Kawi temple. Gunung means high place and kawi means “kekawin” or something to made. So Gunung kawi temple is a temple made on the rock of mountain,now it’s called Sebatu village.Sebatu was derived from the word “ sauh or slip and “Batu” is stone. It was story of Mayadenawa who arrogant and atheism. Here where the place of him ran after loosed in the war against the God. The people around was scare to Mayadenawa and the follower. So they ran and slipped on the stone. Dewa Wisnu relieze this condition that’s why Dewa Wisnu gave a life to the people that was holy water .That’s why they worshiped to Dewa Wisnu and built a temple named Gunung Kawi temple which completed by fountain as has some functions, such as holy water, bathing place, and etc. Don’t miss this tourism destination, ask your guide to visit this place while you have a holiday in Bali, or please contact Gorgeous Bali tour. Have a great holiday..