Dhurga Kutri Temple

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Small hill filled in by a lot of ancient ruins,under the villager discovered. Nice view it has under cool climate, invites our mind. Durga statue placed on the top of small hill at Kedarman temple especially at Buruan village of Blahbatuh district, in Gianyar regency. Consisted of 3 temples in one complex, so easy to visit as located in the lane of Denpasar-Gianyar street. Now in the courtyard of the temple lies some souvenir shops, and carver center. In the northern part in a junction lies also food court. Till now this temple interest to visit by local tourist or foreign one. First temple inside is Puseh temple, keep in” Amoghapasa,and Bodhisatwa Awalokiteswara” statues. Second one is “Bukit Dharma”, keep inside some statues those are Symbol statue, Budha statue, and etc. On the hill top there is “ Kedarman temple” Which can reached by stair upward. In the small building on hill top, there is “Dewi Durga Mahisasuramardhini” statue as magnificent art creation, and it was believed as Ratu Gunapryadharmapatni symbol or Mahendradatta, “ Queen of Udayana King” who lead Bali in the beginning of 11 century. That’s why it is well known as “ Durga Kutri”. In the same place also there was a twin Lingga, a small Ganesa statue, and a pair of sandal/ bakiak. It seemed to be symbol of Erlangga dynasty, descendant of Udayana with his Queen Mahendradatta who was the real leader of Bali but lived in east java on 1019-1042 century. Related to Buruan village, it necessary to remember that the ruled of Raja Anak Wungsu at the end of 10 century till beginning of 11 century. There was also a script mentioned that “Anak Wungsu Nira Kalih Bhatari Lumah I Buruan Bhatara Lumah I Banuwka”.

This tourism destination is really deserves to be visit, please ask your guide or contact Gorgeous Bali Tour to visit this place, when you have a holiday in Bali.