Kecak Dance

Kecak Dance at Uluwatu Temple

It was yesterday when I drove a couple of Russian to Uluwatu Temple, they interested to watch the famous Kecak Dance and enjoying the sunset.  We started bit late from Mandira Hotel at 16.40, trafic at Sunset Road heading to Dewa Ruci statue was busy, so annoying. Luckily we got to the Uluwatu temple on time before sunset. We paid the entrance fee,and dressed up Balinese sarong,we got there for free, (you look like Balinese Sir, I joked)

Kecak Dance in brief;

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Barong Dance

Barong Dance

Barong Dance, The legend Dance in Bali.

There are so many dances in Bali such as; Pendet Dance, Oleg Tamulilingan Dance, Legong Dance, Barong Dance, Kecak Dance, Mask Dance and many more (I’ll write about all these Balinese dances on other occasions). Balinese Dances are classified according to their function of three types: Wali Dance (religious sacred dances), Bebali dance, (accompaniment dance of the ceremony), (3) Balih-balihan Dance (dances that performed as entertainment). In this occasion I will write about Barong Dance, which classified as entertainment dance. Barong Dance is one of Balinese dance which is a apart of pre-Hindu culture, the word “Barong” comes from the word Bahruang  which means bears, is a mythology animal that has supernatural powers, regarded as a protector. Barong Dance is the most popular performance for foreigner and local tourists. This dance represents an eternal fight between good and evil spirit, Barong represents a good spirit and Rangda represents an evil.  So don’t leave Bali before watching Barong Dance.

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