Bali Bird Park

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Bali Bird Park and Reptile Park

The largest and finest collection of Indonesian birds and reptiles in the world, plus exotic birds from Africa and South America. Within two hectares of botanical landscape, the park provides sanctuary to almost 1000 birds of different species. Bali Bird Park is also a home for the extraordinary Komodo Dragon.

What can we see at Bali Bird Park?

Join us for an adventure that has no boundaries. Experience the original jungle bird of Bali and encounter the world’s rarest bird , the Bali Starling / Jalak Bali. Witness bird of Borneo in mixed species aviaries. Discover the most comprehensive collection of exotic Papua bird. See the fantastic Javan Hawk and Serpent Eagles, listen to the sweet sounds of Java’s song birds echoing through the foliage. Visit the deep jungle of Sumatera  for rare and strange endemic birds. Venture to other tropical continents to view an array of South America exotic such as the Scarlet Macaw and Taucan. Witness the Congo Grey Parrot and other birds of the African Savannah. See Cassowaries, Cranes, Storks and Pelicans and many more birds as they wander freely living and breeding uninhibited throughout the Park. See Bali Bird Park ‘s stunning collection of bird of Paradise as well as the extraordinary Komodo Dragon, a giant carnivorous lizard which is a direct descendant of the dinosaur and rarely seen in captivity.

What can we do at Bali Bird Park?

Guyu-guyucorner: Wander at leisure through Guyu-Guyu Corner for a fun hands-on experience of communing with Bali Bird Park ‘s collection of exotic birds at close range. Fantastic Parrots & Cockatoos – Hornbills and songbirds will perch comfortably on your shoulders and outstretched arms for unique experience and great photo opportunities.

Interactive feeding time: Actively participate in Bali Bird Park ‘s feeding times that are scheduled throughout the duration of the day. Join our Bird Keepers recreate our bird’s natural feeding environment – Greater Birds of Paradise feed around you & amazing flycatchers perform Ariel acrobatics whilst you feed them.

Free flight bird show: Marvel at Bali Bird Park ‘s free flight show featuring majestic Eagles, Owls, Macaws and other birds as they soar through the sky. This is an amazing opportunity to see the flying capabilities of so many different birds in one environment.

Meet the bird star: Encounter the true stars of the park – they are Bali Bird Park ’s cheeky entertainers who adore the limelight and appreciate a friendly pat and sometimes a chat. A number of our bird stars have been hand reared in captivity enabling them to be completely at ease with human contact.

Bird nursery: The bird nursery and observation station is designed for visitor to view the growth progress of newly …. birds. Observe Bali Bird Park’s intensive capture breading program that is dedicated to the conservation of late and endangered species

Or just relax by the Flamingo lake, view the only Toraja House in Bali. Enjoy a cool and refreshing drink in the Rainforest Café or shop in Bali Bird Park’s excellent Jalak Bali store

Don’t miss it during your holiday in Bali, please contact us to visit Bali Bird Park or join our gorgeous A Day With Animal Tour

Operating hours :
The park and restaurant is open from 09.00 a.m until 17:30 p.m daily. Except on Balinese New Year ( Nyepi/silent day)